Our Projects

Ongoing maintenance of

FIDL team has contributed to Fil+ Allocator Registry hosted at It facilitates the allocation and management of DataCap, which is a resource used within the Filecoin network to incentivize providing good storage services (retrievable and reliable) . The platform helps allocators track and manage their DataCap allocations efficiently. Over the next 6 months FIDL will be continuing development and growth of the registry. 

Please submit feature requests on Github.

Dynamic Data Visualization

FIDL team continues to work with DMOB on a comprehensive tool designed to monitor and visualize the allocation and utilization of DataCap within the Fil+ program. It provides dynamic data visualization of the DataCap lifecycle within the Filecoin Plus program, offering insights into how DataCap is allocated, utilized, and managed. The platform showcases detailed metrics on clients, allocators, notaries, and storage providers, highlighting their activities and performance. The platform enables stakeholders to monitor the flow of DataCap, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making in the Filecoin ecosystem. By presenting key metrics and trends, helps maintain the integrity and efficiency of data storage within the network​. 

The project focuses on updates and improvements to in three phases:

Please submit bugs and feature requests on GitHub


For more static, experimental insights into key metrics of Fil+, we are developing Filecoin Pulse. This project isn't as user friendly, doesn't necessarily contain most up to date information, however it allows us to push the boundries of what we can learn about Fil+ program and general usage of Filecoin. 

Please submit bugs and feature requests on GitHub

Smart Contract Allocator

A smart contract allocator that automates the process of distributing DataCap. It verifies client eligibility, allocates DataCap based on predefined criteria, and tracks the usage and effectiveness of the allocated DataCap. The contract ensures transparency, efficiency, and real-time synchronization with on-chain data, providing a reliable mechanism for DataCap distribution and management without manual intervention.

CID Checker

CID (Content Identifier) checker is a tool used to verify the existence and status of data stored on the network. It helps ensure that data referenced by a specific CID is correctly stored and retrievable. This tool can be used to validate the integrity and availability of stored data, ensuring that it meets the network’s requirements and standards for decentralized storage. FIDL team will continue to expand its capabilities by adding more retrievability checks and other content. Additionally the reports will be embeded in the compliance report and in the dashboards.

Compliance Report MVP

The Compliance Report MVP aims to aggregate and create detailed reports for allocators similar to the existing client reports. Key components include:

KYC Portal

The KYC Portal project is designed to help clients verify their identity using Gitcoin Passport. It will be a simple tool that is used during the governance review. Users will be requested to validate their identity on, bring their passport on-chain to Optimism, and sign a message with their wallet. Upon successful verification, a confirmation message is posted to the application issue.

Bandwidth and capacity measurement

A missing component for identifying provider performance is being able to track available provisioned or spare network capacity. The FIDL team has begun working with researchers to productionize research techniques for capacity measurement to better identify available bandwidth of storage providers on the filecoin network.