FIDL team currently runs two allocator pathways to DataCap

Open Data Pathway

Our allocator is providing a pathway for any open public datasets to be onboarded to Filecoin. This pathway is only for datasets that are made readily retrievable on the network and can be regularly verified (through the use of manual or automated verification that includes retrieving data from various SPs over the course of the DataCap allocation timeframe). Enterprise (private/encrypted) dataset use cases will be guided to use a different pathway. This pathway framework is based on the LDN (Large Data Notary) pathway that existed before 2024.

Read details of the application requirements 

Enterprise Private Data Pathway

This allocator is providing a pathway for any Enterprise (private/encrypted) dataset use case. This pathway follows the lead of what was built as part of the E-Fil+ LDN pathway that existed prior to 2024. The core of the pathway includes KYC and KYB compliance checks, data sampling and SP Verification as part of data owner verification and due diligence.

Read details of the application requirements 

Do you have an idea for another allocator? 

Get in touch! We can build and run an allocator on your behalf, help you with your submission or just give you some basic guidance. 


What are Allocators?

An allocator in the Fil+ program is a mechanism designed to distribute DataCap, enabling community members with the interest, ideas, and resources to design and operate their unique DataCap allocator mechanisms for various use cases. This approach aims to address the evolving needs of the ecosystem by allowing the creation of diverse allocator pathways, thus promoting adaptability, scalability, and efficiency in data storage and access.